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Automatically translate videos & audios into 30+ languages

By dubbing content into multiple languages, you can significantly expand your global reach - boosting views, engagement and revenue, while also extending the lifespan of your content to captivate diverse audiences and tap into new markets over time. See list of supported languages.

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AI Lip Syncing (Coming Soon)

Enhance your dubbed content by seamlessly syncing the lips in any language. We use the latest generative AI to edit the mouth movements so they are in sync with the audio speech - creating an viewing experience that is convincing, realistic and preserves the authenticity of the content.

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Offline & Local AI

AutoDub is designed with a privacy-first approach. All our AI technology, including our built-in translator, runs offline and locally on your Mac computer which means your content never leaves your computer. We do NOT collect data or save a copy of your videos like other server-side dubbing platforms. See our privacy policy for more details.


Advanced Voice Cloning

We create high-quality spoken audio in any voice, style and language. Our AI voice generator renders human intonation and inflections from the original speaker creating a realistic and natural dubbing experience.

Professional Voice Cloning dives deep, mirroring every intonation, rhythm, and nuance, giving you a clone that's virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Works on Short Samples
Short on time? No worries. Even brief audio snippets can be effective for generating a reliable voice clone.

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YouTube Multi-language Support

YouTube allows you to upload additional languages as audio tracks for new or existing videos. AutoDub supports audio-only export so you can easily upload the tracks to YouTube.

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Easy team collaboration

You can export and share your projects in our .dub format. Share with your team members or even a professional translator on the other side of the world to adjust the final result.

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Voice Library

Choose from a collection of professional voices in our Voice Library. Browse by accent, gender and age to discover the best AI voices for your use case.

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Multi-Speaker Diarization

The multi-speaker diarization feature accurately detects the number of individuals speaking in your video. We provide speaker labels so you can easily organize your transcript.

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Help Center

Our Help Center provides answers to the most frequently asked questions,as well as tips, tricks and troubleshooting guides.

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Contact AutoDub

Need help using our AutoDub app, have questions about how to get the most out of AI dubbing studio, or running into a bug? We're here to help! Contact Us

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Simple, affordable pricing

No long subscription contracts, no complicated pricing tiers! We use a straightforward pay as you go model.

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