If you’re car crazy like ourselves, you’ve likely came across a number of celebrities, and Youtube celebrities, share their cars new look on Youtube.

One shop that comes up time and time again is Yiannimize, founded by Yianni Charalambous.

If you haven’t heard of Yianna, you likely know a few of his A-list customers who include Rupert Grint, Gordon Ramsay, Eva Longoria and Sergio Aguero.

With the amount of attention Yianni’s brand gets on Youtube, it’s highly unlikely he needs some extra exposure right now, but what if he was.

What if he suddenly decided that he wanted to get more free traffic from Google direct to his website that he could turn into paying customers?

That’s exactly the kind of thing we do here at Autodub, so we decided to do a public teardown of Yianni’s website to see how it could be improved.

Problem #1: Very Few People Search for ‘Vehicle Wrapping London’

The title tag of a website is undoubtedly the most important aspect of on-site SEO that tells search engines what your website is about.

Yianni actually ranks first in Google for this search term, if you can make it past all of the ads and map listings at the top.

Ranking “first” for something looks good, but it’s pointless if it’s not bringing in traffic to your website.

Granted, there are some people searching for ‘vehicle wrapping london’ each month, but Yianna is missing a much bigger audience by doing this.

Let’s look at the broad terms first, without using location specific terms like london in our search query.

It’s clear to see that ‘car wrap’ and ‘vinyl wrap’ absolutely dominate the broader term of ‘vehicle wrapping’.

If we look into London specifically in the Google Keyword Planner, we can see this even more prominently:

  • “Car wrapping london” – 1,000 average monthly searches
  • “vehicle wrapping london” – 140 average monthly searches

That said, it wouldn’t be fair for me to completely dismiss the term Yianni and his site are looking to rank for.

While the search volume is low, it is very targeted for what he offers.

When working with clients we typically target lesser volume terms for clients as they have lesser competition and can rank quicker, but then we go after the more popular terms.

Yianni has such a big brand in this space already that he could totally compete for the more popular query and bring in even more targeted traffic.

Problem #2: If You’re Not in the First Three Map Results, Few Will Find You

The rankings of companies in map results depends on a number of things.

These include the location of the searcher, mentions of a particular business around the web, reviews for the company on Google, links to the company website and more.

Yianni’s site has most of these in droves, but the listing could be optimised further to include words to describe what the business actually offers, just like their competition.

If we look at the first graphic again and separate the map listing, we can see Yiannimize is hidden behind a ‘more places’ button.

If we click on more places, the reality is bleak.

Yianni is ranked 11th out of all the vehicle wrapping companies in London.

Yet, if we take just one important metric, business reviews, they are killing the competition:

  • #1: Wrapping Cars (47 ratings)
  • #2: Vehicle Wraps UK (2 ratings)
  • #3: Revamp Vehicle Wraps (27 ratings)
  • #4: Car Tinting London (4 ratings)
  • #5: Car Tuning (48 ratings)
  • #6: Cover Wrapping (0 ratings)
  • #7: Capital Wrap Tint (15 ratings)
  • #8: 3Dom Wraps (2 ratings)
  • #9: Alayan Customs (38 ratings)
  • #10: Prestige Wrap & Customers (42 ratings)
  • #11: Yiannimize (260 ratings)
  • #12: SkinWrap (23 ratings)

How is a business that has just two reviews showing up second on a Google maps listing, when Yiannimize has 260 reviewa dn is showing up 11th?

Among many things, they’ve otpimized their Google My Business listing and implemented local SEO tactics to improve their results.

Just a few simple changes to Yiannis listing and overall local SEO strategy could have a huge impact for his business.

Problem #3: An Unresponsive Business? 1 Hour of Work That Could Have a Huge Impact

Due to the popularity of Yianni’s business on Youtube, he sometimes doesn’t reach the typical person you would expect looking for this kind of service.

At this moment in time, his Google Business listing is dominated by 58 different questions which have possibly been ignored as they’re a little too specific to be able to answer directly.

That said, it doesn’t look great to potential customers when they see that nothing has been answered, as highlighted by Google.

Though I suspect that many of Yianni (or his teams) answers will have to say something like “We’ll need to know more about that specific car so please call us on 08…”, they’re certainly better than nothing.

Many potential customers will likely never have heard of Yiannimize or know of their Youtube fame so to them it may just look like a business that doesn’t really care about getting new business.

With just one hour or work maximum to officially answer the questions, there’s really no reason not to do it.

Problem #4: The Homepage Call to Actions Don’t Work

This is not so much of an SEO issue as it is a usability and conversion problem.

Right now, the homepage has multiple calls to action to showcase the celebrities who have used the Yiannimize services.

This is probably the best form of social proof that Yianni could get.

There’s just one problem.

When you click on ‘see more testimonials’ or any other celebrity-focused call to action on the homepage, the resulting page simply doesn’t work.

Here’s what you see when you head over to the /celebs/ page:

That’s dozens and dozens of images which the server has blocked people from being able to see, which doesn’t leave the best impression for first time visitors to the site.

Problem #5: Pages With No Content on Them At All

For a relatively small website – it has 89 pages being picked up in Google – it should be fairly easy to make sure they all have the information on them that they’re supposed to have.

However, that’s not the case with the Yiannimize website.

We can see Yiannimize.com/yiannimize is pretty much just a headline and nothing else.

Does this matter?

Simply put: Yes.

Having what we call ‘thin pages’ on a site is not ideal when it comes to Google’s overall “view” of a website.

Especially when they’re sample pages like the one below:

If I were to work on Yianni’s SEO for him, one of the first thing I would do is either fill out these pages which have little to no content on them, or block them from being crawler altogether.

Problem #6: Serious Duplicate Content Issues

Another thing to be wary of when making sure Google has the best view of your website – and is able to pass “link juice” around the site properly – is to make sure you don’t have duplicate content on your site.

One serious issue with Yiannimize.com is how many pages are completely identical to each other.

Just look at this example below for the bodyshop page.

These are just two examples.

If you go to any of the following URL’s the content is exactly the same:

  • https://yiannimize.com/bodyshop/2/
  • https://yiannimize.com/bodyshop/3/
  • https://yiannimize.com/bodyshop/4/
  • https://yiannimize.com/bodyshop/5/
  • https://yiannimize.com/bodyshop/6/
  • https://yiannimize.com/bodyshop/7/
  • https://yiannimize.com/bodyshop/8/

Problem #7: An Incorrect Redirect Messes Up the Entire Homepage

If you try to go to Yiannimize directly and view the website over http rather than https, the site takes you straight to a 403 error page.

This is a fairly major issue that I would fix instantly.

What this means is that any links that are pointing to the http version of the website are not being ‘passed on’ to the actual https URL, which is not great for rankings.

Here’s what you see when you try to go to http://yiannimize.com (without the S in https).

You’re literally just shown the footer of the website with nothing else on the page.

Problem #8: Competitors Are Pulling in 20X More Traffic by Focusing on More Keywords

The entirety of the Yiannimize website is literally just focused on ranking for keywords to do with Yiannimize itself or the phrase mentioned earlier “vehicle wrapping london.”

There are so many missed opportunities to capitalise on other rankings for the site.

The best way to do show this problem is to look at how well competitors are doing in this space.

Right now, Yiannimize is estimated to be pulling in around 1,000 visitors per month from search engines like Google.

Yet, the potential search volume and traffic is much greater than that.

3DomWraps.com, based out of , is pulling in over 20,000 visitors per month from Google.

Now let’s compare that to Yiannimize.

So why is this happening?

Do 3DromWraps have a much better website than Yiannimize?

Not exactly.

The major difference is that 3Dom Wraps are ranking for more than 7,500 terms in Google, while Yiannimize is ranking for just 456.

The 20X increase in search traffic that 3Dom Wraps are picking up is down to a 16X increase in terms that their site is ranking for.

Yianni has a powerful domain and a powerful brand, and to us it seems a huge shame that this isn’t being taken advantage of.

Simply having more content around various terms that people are going to be searching for could massively boost the number of targeted visitors his site reviews.

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